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Education – studying abroad

Education services – consultant of studying abroad

As a new service but also attract investment concentration properly in accordance with company’s capacity.

SPSC Manpower has signed a lot of co-operated contract with some universities, colleges, famous vocational schools in Ho Chi Minh city and some neighboring provinces such as: School For International Manpower, Ho Chi Minh city vocational college , Asunaro Japanese School….. to co –ordinate to deploy this services together practically and effectively.

This service also has a lot of advantages due to close relation between SPSC Manpower and training and practicing organizations in foreign countries that company has been carried out to send technical interns to practice and work in the organizations.

Apart from Japan, Australia, Canada, United state of America, Singapore are the countries with strong educational background and high quality, deverse. To receive education in these countries is also indirectly receive a ticket into brighter future for everyone to attend.

This countries are also the markets that SPSC Manpower is focusing to organize service of education and consultant of study abroad.