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recruit bodyguards, drive to work for a limited time at Macau


Dongdi employ time-limited work in Macau

Categories: bodyguard, driver

1. Standards:

v Quantity: 50

v. Male: age 20 to 32; height: 165cm or more, Weight: 50 (kg) or more.

v Experience.

v Foreign Language: Chinese, Cantonese communication

v Contract duration: 02 years

v Health: good

2. Expenses must be paid before the workers go:

v fee recruitment consultancy: Free

v Training and knowledge necessary noitru before exit: Free

v Total expenses when employees have noptruoc go: from 1300 to 1800 USD depending titles (including airfare leg, Visa, brokerage fees, service charges …… Vietnam).

v The employee recruitment procedures will duoccong company bank loan in local policy (vaytin approved form).

3. Rights and obligations of the nguoilao:

a. Benefits:

v Basic Salary:

-Drivers: from 5000 MOP / month (10,000,000) to 6500MOP/thang (13.000.000 VND / month).

-Guards: 7000 MOP / month (14,000 VND / month) to 8500 MOP / month (17.000.000 VND / month).

v Mode overtime, overtime vaongay in holidays: Labor law Macau.

v Working hours: 08 hours / day, 06ngay/tuan.

v at cost: Expenses for the workers bear.

v Cost of food: the employee will be 01bua eat free every day during the contract period.

v The mode dongduoc insurance workers enjoy: labor law Macau

b / Obligations:

-Executors, correctly complete all tasks phancong use.

-Strictly abide by rules promulgated by the employer.

-Strictly observe the regulations on occupational safety.

4. Records include:

Profile of the Company in the form VHO Services Limited provides international Saigon.

v Passport (original).

v The health certificate (in the form of designated hospital).

v 10 4×6 (top); 02 photos 9 x12 (toanthan upright, polite costume)

v Qualifications (if any)

v The degree lienquan and other papers (if applicable)