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Recruit engineers to work in Japan

Engineers recruitment Temporary dilam in Japan

1.Tieu standards:

VSO Size: 50 people

vNam: age 22 and under 35;

vNganh job: mechanical, electronic …

vTrinh Education: University.

vGiao to Japanese.

vThoi contract term: 03 years

vSuc health: good

2. Expenses to be paid to employees before:

vPhi recruitment consultancy: Free

vDao fostering knowledge necessary before boarding and exit: Free

Employees will be admitted company procedures at the bank loans of local policy with a maximum loan amount of 30 million (unsecured form of loans).

3.Quyen interests and obligations of employees:

a. Benefits:

vMuc basic salary: 2000 USD / month, or 41 million dong / month.

vChe of overtime, overtime on rest days, holidays: Japanese labor law

vThoi Hours: 08 hours / day, 06 days / weeks

vDieu feeding conditions, in: all seats in use layout, the cost of labor to take care of food and drink.

vCac insurance workers enjoy: Japanese labor law.

b / Obligations:

Executive-full and on time that all tasks assigned to use.

-To abide by the rules, the rules issued by the employer.

-Strictly observe the regulations on occupational safety.

4.Thoi interview scheduled: 20/04/2011.