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Studying aboard in America

Service of sending the laborer to work on overseas definite terms

Saigon Manpower Petroleum Service Company Limited (SPSC Manpower), formerly SPSC Labor Export Center (directly under Saigon Petroleum Service Company), the enterprise operated in labor export from year of 2000 under license no. 70/LĐTBXH-GP of Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Welfare dated 20/04/2000 then grant / renewal of license many times by the regulation of the Ministry of Labor,War Invalids and Social Welfare. Currently we operate under the newest license No. 206/LĐTBXH-GP dated 09/10/2009.

For over 10 years of operation from year of 2000 until now has sent a lot of Labor/Vietnam technical interns (referred to as employees) to work in Malaysia, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Macau…work and training – training in the fields of industrial production, sewing, hospital services, housemaid and nurse.
A school for teaching foreign language, vocational training and improve necessary knowledge for labor to work overseas is also established for the purpose of training, improve the laborer to prepare to work/train oveseas, the school is located at 5/7 F1 Le Van Tho street, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Staff team carries out the work of labor export to have qualifications from college University graduation and above with professional skill and high foreign language to meet the requirement especially having a lot of experiences in operating labor export, professional knowledge.

Currently SPSC Manpower is managing more than 1000 laborers working overseas. During past activities under the license, company attaches much importance to implement the policies strictly and ensure the rights of parties especially the laborers. Through annual inspections, examinations, specialist inspection department of Labour Department of Overseas Labour (Dolab) is appreciated this activity.

With motto “building prestige with quality of laborer” with continuous search for market development, adding new carreer, diverse and suitable with qualification and ability of Vietnam laborer since then has built a brand and prestige with laborers, local suppliers and received partner.

With these activities , we created a lot of opportunities for laborers when they choose SPSC Manpower as launching padfor the purpose of working overseas.