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Urgent Hiring TTSKN assembly scaffold branches

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Careers real skill tapsinh a term internship in Japan

1. Standards:

v. Male: age from 18 to 30; height: 165cm, Weight: 55 (kg) or more.

v Know the Japanese.

v Industry: assembling scaffolding.

v Education: 12/12 – Health: good

v Contract duration: 03 years

2. Actual expenses payable tapsinh skills before you go:

v fee recruitment consultancy: Free

v Training fostering knowledge before boarding thietva exit: Free

v Training: Short-term and long-term needs of partners theoyeu.

Trainee recruitment dates to be skilled company procedures at the bank loans of local policy (Figure thucvay trust).

3. Rights and obligations of student skills thuctap:

a. Benefits:

v Basic Salary: Minimum 30trieu from the same amount or more not including overtime.

v Mode overtime, overtime vaongay in holidays: Japanese labor law

v Working hours: 08 hours / day, 06ngay/tuan

v eat Conditions, in: tricho published in employers, trainees self lochi skills meals, drinks.

v The insurance trainee kynang enjoy: Japanese labor law.

b / Obligations:

Acceptance-operated fully, nuungthooi term duty assignment to which the owners use.

-Approval operated correctly the nieaulea, internal regulations issued by the employer.

-Approval quynonh operated strictly on the labor safety.

4. Phoungvaan Time: 24/02/2013 and 03/01/2014

5. Records include:

Profile of the Company in the form VHO Services Limited provides international Saigon.

v passport, health certificate (in the form of designated hospital).

4×6 v 10 (top), professional qualifications (if any).

v Paper money is not criminal.

v The degree lienquan and other documents (if any).