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Urgent Hiring TTSKN garment industry


Careers real skill tapsinh a term internship in Japan

Industry: Food industry skills tapsinh May


1. Standards:

v Soluong: 50

v Female: age 18 and under 28; height: 1m53, Weight: 45 (kg) or more.

vNganh craft: sewing sweater.

VCO experience.

v Cultural Skill: 12/12 – Health: good

v Thoihan contract: 03 years

2. Expenses payable trainee skills before going:

v Phituyen selected consultant: Free

v Training training and knowledge necessary before boarding exit: Free

v Vocational Training: Short-term and long-term requirements of partners (at Manpower SPSC).

v Expenses for services, airfare, visa, broker fees ….

Trainee recruitment skills will be lending company procedures vontai local policy banks (mortgage loan form).

3. Rights and obligations of trainees kynang:

       a. Quyenloi:

v Mucluong Basic: $ 1,500 million equivalent to 32 do not include the cost of themngoai hours.

v MODE overtime, overtime on rest days, holidays: Japanese labor law.

v thoigian work 08 hours / day, 06 days / weeks.

v Dieukien food, accommodation: all seats in use layout, trainee skills to fend cost of eating and drinking.

v Cacche insurance trainee skills enjoy: Japanese labor law

b / Obligations:

Acceptance-operated fully, on time duties which the public duingphaan Employers.

-Approval operated correctly the rules, internal regulations issued by the employer.

-Approval operated strictly regulations on labor safety.

4. Records include:

vHoso in the form of International Services Ltd. provides Saigon.

v Hochieu, health certificate (form designated cuaBenh Institute).

10anh 4×6 v (latest), chuyenmon Degree (if any).

v Cacbang level and other relevant documents (if any).