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About us

1. Co. Saigon International Services is now active in the field of multi-disciplinary services in the certificate of business registration number: 0,312,391,327 dated 07.29.2013 of the Department of Planning – Investment District. Ho Chi Minh City.
2. Headquarters located at: 18/2 Street No 35, KP2, Binh An Ward, Dist 2 – Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
本社 住所: No.18-2, Road No.35, Area 2, Binh An Ward, Dist 2, Hochiminh City.
Website: www.saigoninserco.com
Email: sisc@saigoninserco.com; saigonpetroleum@yahoo.com
The principal activities of Saigon Inserco as follows:
- Service activities to send laborers to work abroad;
- Supply of labor and management in the country;
- Support services, training and career orientation;
Saigon Inserco but a new company is licensed MOLISA labor export activities from July 03 2014 but the leaders and employees of companies who have many years of experience working in labor export sector. Therefore, though is now only labor export activities from 03/2014 but the company was more reliable Union and Japan sent many employers require Vietnam to Japan to work. The goal of Saigon Inserco in labor export activities are always pushing, improve quality, and expand the market to many countries around the world. Wishing Saigon Inserco will become one of the leading companies in the field of labor-exporting countries not only in Vietnam, but grew out of countries around the world. With the goal is always expanding and evolving and desire to expand cooperation with all the markets of all countries in the world.
Our team of staff have years of experience working on labor export and have qualified from the University or older, professional, and high foreign languages ​​to meet the requirements of customers in all areas .
Currently, labor export market of Saigon Inserco the Japanese market. The employers require Vietnam to work in Japan by company focused in areas such as welding, mechanics, sewing, construction, seafood processing, food, agriculture …
Motto of Saigon labor export Inserco is: always gives customers satisfaction in terms of quality. Giving customers peace of mind when working and cooperating with Saigon Inserco.
3. Regarding training and education to employees:
Training Japanese: Born to Practice Skills (TTSKN) Japanese curriculum includes sections on basic communication itself, the customs of the country of Japan and the jobs that will be TTSKN practical skills in Japan. Japanese training purposes and is customary to TTSKN can communicate in Japanese to Japan to work as knowledgeable and customs of Japan to understand more about how people live and work in Japan for ease of integrate into life in Japan.
Refresher training necessary knowledge before exit: According to Experience the process of implementation and operation to send laborers to work overseas company, training employees have the skills, acquire knowledge and technology make good the “practice” need for workers to build a foundation on how to live, how to behave in society in the country, so that the harmony between workers and working environment, social environment abroad; do not lose the essence Vietnam but still well integrated.
To concretize the practical content related to the execution time of the contract workers abroad: Vietnam law, Japanese law; customary water to work; rights and obligations of employees; content of labor contracts; organization, implementation, employee participation in the foreign environment …, ..
Also need to equip workers are acutely aware of the position and their role when working abroad. They are allowed to do and what not to, what not to do to complete his task when implementing an internship program in Japan.
Faculty members are carefully selected, innovative teaching methods, curriculum using electronic projectors, bringing illustrations to increase teaching effectiveness. Regular practice with native speakers is to exchange Japanese Japanese practice throughout the curriculum.
Saigon Inserco specialized manpower supply was abundant skilled professional training and retraining necessary knowledge and good language, always meet all the requirements of customers of the water.
Address: 18/2 Street No. 35, Quarter 2, Binh An Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
TEL:  (84.8) 3740.7872
FAX : Fax: (84.8) 3740.7874
Mail: sisc@saigoninserco.com