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Saigon Inserco International Service Co., Ltd - Saigon Inserco was established in 2013 as a reliable and reliable address specializing in consulting, vocational guidance and training trainees to labor export in Japan market.


Having the permission of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs to permit the operation of sending Vietnamese workers to work abroad under labor contracts: No. 391 / LDTBXH-GP dated March 28, 2014 of The Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs and the 3rd registration of the change of 1000 / LĐTBXH-GP, Saigon Inserco in recent years has trained professionals and foreign languages for labor trainees in many countries. which is mostly Japanese.


With the motto of bringing a stable life and income to young people in the country who wish to have a better future and a new life in developed countries, Saigon Inserco always puts the dedication and enthusiasm in searching for a life, a job and a stable development environment for Vietnamese workers. It is not only a noble goal but also a task that society assigns to every Vietnamese enterprise to contribute to creating jobs for citizens and contributing to the development of the country.


Since its establishment, the Company has trained nearly 1,000 trainees with good skills, good expertise and good foreign languages ​​to work in countries that mainly Japan market. With continuous orders from reputable companies in Japan across a wide range of industries from construction, food processing to textiles, Saigon Inserco always performs a good orientation and training young labor resources. Accompanying in the training is a team of qualified and experienced teachers who are dedicated to guide trainees.


About the training program, which is clearly planned at the beginning of each course, the school will provide all materials, equipment and tools for students to acquire the best knowledge. The Japanese language training center of the company is a prestigious address, bringing together many experienced Japanese teachers, with the goal of training students with a Japanese level of N3 or above to help students communicate fluently.


After training, the company will introduce jobs for students according to the aspirations and needs of Japanese companies when having orders. If they pass the interview, the trainees will leave for labor cooperation in the countries under the signed contract. When traveling abroad, the Company will always be the spiritual fulcrum, the place responsible for monitoring and managing trainees. The company always ensures Vietnamese workers when working in other countries to enjoy all the rights of workers in accordance with the laws of the host country and the law of Vietnam. Responsibility for students from the first day students come to training and even when students have come to work abroad, is also the ethical task that the company has always set out to be the guideline for the operation. The company works closely with unions to fully protect the rights of workers before, during and after the contract is completed.


For a long time, Japan has been one of the countries with the highest religious spirit, the spirit of respect for the human factor is always on top; So the land of the rising sun has always been the safest place for workers around the world to look to build the future and create a new life for themselves. With the rapid aging of the population inversely proportional to the growth of industries, Japan has always had a high demand for labor recruitment and recruitment.


Meanwhile, Vietnam is a country that has a great potential of young skilled labor force, so in recent years, with close cooperation in all fields with Japan, our government always creates conditions for companies with 100% Japanese capital to invest and cooperate extensively in all fields. Therefore, the market for cooperation and labor export in Vietnam has received a lot of attention from Japanese businesses. Saigon Inserco with reputation and high quality of vocational training, for the past 5 years has always been the leading partner with medium and large Japanese companies to provide high quality labor for serving in a variety of industries. 


The training center of Saigon Inserco has gradually upgraded to the position it has created over the past 5 years, so the students of the school always have the special favor and attention of companies wishing to recruit in Japan. With a high interview rate, the number of trainees working in Japan accounts for over 95% of the trainees who have been trained by the center.


The school accepts trainees from all over the country with a secondary school degree or above, with a progressive spirit and wishing to find jobs with a salary of 20,000,000 to 30,000,000 VND per month and one Stable job when returning home at Japanese companies in Vietnam. Saigon Inserco is a reliable address for young Vietnamese workers looking for a new and stable life.


Young workers from all parts of Vietnam, let Saigon Inserco give you the best working opportunities with the utmost care and support so you can work, live and study. It's good to be abroad and build a fulfilling future for yourself and your family when you return to Vietnam. Our company always puts the prestige and professional ethics on the top, the past 5 years is a clear demonstration of what the company brings to Vietnamese workers and more in the coming future. Saigon Inserco will be a stepping stone, with a stepping stone for you to leapfrog your future! Saigon Inserco Devoted - Prestige - Responsibility.


Address: 24/8 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Tell: (84.028) 3744.5221  – Fax: (84.028) 3744.5223

Email:  sisc@saigoninserco.com

Representative office

Address: 595B17 Nguyen Thi Dinh, Phu Khuong, Ben Tre, Ben Tre Province

Phone: 08 8840 1022 - 0909069997